The purpose of this website is to provide the saints in the Lord's recovery with information about the work being carried out through the support of Lord's Move to Africa (LMAF). Our hope is that the information displayed in this website will strengthen the saints' burden for the Lord's move and help them to participate in it through prayer, giving, and going to spread the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth so that God's eternal economy may be accomplished and the present age may be consummated.
Most Recent Updates (2017/07):
• Purchase of a property in Pretoria, South Africa, for the Lord's Move in Africa. English and 中文

• 2016 photos from Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria (under the Gallery page) 
• Recordings from the 2016 Cameroon National Blending Conference
• Recordings from the 2016 Nigeria National Blending Conference
• Recordings from the 2016 South Africa National Blending Conference