The Lord's Move to Africa

AMD Propagation Newsletter

October 2021

" Go therefore and disciple all the nations, baptizing them into the name of 
the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

Matt 28:19


1. The Establishment of the Church in Jasikan

J​asikan is a major town situated in Oti Region, North-East of Ghana. Since 2019, the saints have been distributing ministry magazines and Holy Word for Morning Revival in College of Education and some senior high schools. 

After the book distribution in a Senior High School and the College of Education in March 2019, we realized that the seeking ones were very hungry for the truth. Through fellowship among the brothers, they began to labor through monthly visitation. One of the brothers migrated to Jasikan for shepherding the contacts and for the establishment of the Lord's testimony. As of July 2021, 16 saints and 6 children gathered together in Jasikan, 5 homes were opened for home meetings.

On Aug 26th, we met brother L who borrowed a book Truth lessons from us three months ago. He deeply enjoyed reading the book and invited us to his house. We had fellowship with him and his friends. He also participated in our conference for two consecutive weekends (8/28-29 and 9/4-5). We shared from the book The Scriptural Way to Meet and to Serve for the Building Up of the Body of Christ chapter One and Two, everyone in the meeting enjoyed Christ and could impart life to others. Brother L was present from the beginning to the end of the conference, who was the first one to share. He said he cannot just sit there and listen, but had to speak for the Lord by exercising his spirit.

(Picture 1-2: saints meeting on the Lord’s Day every week; home meeting.)

After a long-held burden and the prayers of the saints, we held two weekend conferences on Oct. 9th -10th and Oct. 16th - 17th respectively, focused on the divine life and the God-man living. On 17th October 2021, we had the first Lord's Table meeting as the church in Jasikan, with 38 saints. Praise the Lord for His present move in Ghana! Two brothers will move to Jasikan at the end of October to strengthen the saints for the church life and for the increase.

(Picture 1-2: saints meeting on the Lord’s Day every week; home meeting.)

(Picture 5-7: the one invited was baptized on Aug.21st 2021; saints and seekers releasing their spirit at the beach; Group photo of the saints after the meeting on26th September)

On Oct. 23th and 24th, we had a two-day conference on what is life, the experience of life, the grafted life, and living the kingdom life for the church Life. The brothers coordinated to touch the matter of life and living for the church life in Cape Coast. A total of 52 people came on the first day, and 73 people attended the first bread-breaking meeting on the Lord's day. Hallelujah the church in Cape Coast was established on Oct. 24th 2021. We all testify that we are one in the Body of Christ.

(Picture 8-9: Conference on Oct.23rd and the Lord’s Table Meeting on Oct.24th 2021)

(Picture 10: Sharing the truth with the students in a local school)