The Lord's Move to Africa


DATES: 19-20 NOVEMBER 2022



The first blending conference in Tanzania was a follow up to a visit of Saints from Kenya, Uganda and South Africa in June 2022, which issued out of the fellowship concerning having physical  meetings with the contacts who are attending the weekly DPT lessons on the life study of Genesis over zoom.

In our last visit, we made new contacts with brothers Pius Mwamwaja who had touched the church life while studying in China, and Martin Wangwe, who touched the church life during his campus days in the USA. We were able to meet some of the saints attending the DPT including sister Fortunata (Bagamoyo) and brother Jasper Kirango, Sister Judith (his wife) and his two sons, Joshua and Jesaya.

Mini Conference

Prior to the conference, saints went out to the nearby places to preach the gospel using the Mystery of the human life gospel tract in Swahili; 43 persons were contacted, out of which 18 called on the name of the Lord, 34 prayed with the Saints and 5 attended the conference. We greatly thank the Lord for this.

The messages given during the two day mini conference that was held over the weekend at Landmark hotel in Ubungo riverside in Dar es Salam were selected from the recent conference held in Barlo, Netherlands under the general subject Living the Christian ​Life at the end of present Age. There was much exercise of the spirit with much singing, pray reading and much prophesying from all the saints.

After the conference on the Lords day the 20 th , some saints toured a public beach nearby. Since it was a weekend many people do come here to refresh themselves. Some saints were led by the Lord to preach the gospel to four young men. These young men called on the Name Lord and when asked  whether they would like to be baptized, they joyfully accepted and were baptized.

The mini conference was attended by 36 saints
23 saints from all our contacts in Tz; Dar es Salam,  Arusha, Mwanza, Morogoro and Bagomoyo
and 13 visiting saints, as follows; 

Saints living in Tanzania:

  1. Dar es salam 18 saints
  2. Arusha 2 saints
  3. Mwanza 1 saints
  4. Bagomoyo 1 saint
  5. Morogoro 1 saint

A group photo of saints in Tanzania

Other Saints were from Kenya, Uganda, USA and South Africa:

  1. Kenya 9 saints
  2. South Africa 2 saints
  3. Uganda 1 saint
  4. USA 1 saint

Future considerations

For the need of strengthening the saints in Dar es Salaam and for the purposes of shepherding of the new ones, and further laboring on gospel preaching, there is much consideration of getting a house / home for the meeting of the saints. From where the saints can meet regularly, host visiting saints from other localities and serve as an outlet of the gospel.

An urgent need for at least two stable families in the city of Dar es Salaam for the establishment of the church life through  home  meetings for the saints. To be strengthened and supported by saints from other localities who would visit regularly.


After this meeting we sensed the Lord has laid a sufficient ground for a meeting life and eventually the establishment of lampstands in this country. Potential cities are Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Mwanza.

We need to mention here that this country is wide open to the Lord. For example (as mentioned above) the four young brothers who accepted the Lord at the sea shore received the Lord with  much eagerness an openness of heart. Infact one of them was just passing by and when he heard us sharing the word, he stopped to join and called on the Name of the Lord. He was then baptized.

A new one being baptized and thereafter had some soft drinks

We also realized that there are so, many contacts who have been contacted outside but since there is no meeting life here, many go back to their former Christian groups on coming back. Let’s pray that a meeting life be established here to help receive and shepherd these ones.

Prayer Burdens.

  1. Let’s pray that all those who attended this conference would be preserved for the Lords Move in Tanzania and that the word released during this conference would be a constant supply to all the saints.
  2. That all those who received the tracts would be touched by the truth presented there and then know the purpose of man.
  3. All the four who were baptized (Brian, Joel, Elias and Michael) would be a remaining fruit for the church life in Dar es Salaam.
  4. The start of the meeting life in Dar es Salaam.