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Cabo Verde 

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Country Profile

Location: West Africa, group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal 
Geographical Size: 4,033 sq km 
Climate: temperate; warm, dry summer; precipitation meager and erratic 
Population: 568,373 (July 2018 est.) 
Population Growth Rate: 1.32% (2018 est.) 
Languages: Portuguese (official), Krioulo (a blend of Portuguese and West African languages) 
Religion: Roman Catholic 77.3%, Protestant 4.6% (includes Church of the Nazarene 1.7%, Adventist 1.5%, Assembly of God 0.9%, Universal Kingdom of God 0.4%, and God and Love 0.1%), other Christian 3.4% (includes Christian Rationalism 1.9%, Jehovah's Witness 1%,and New Apostolic 0.5%), Muslim 1.8%, other 1.3%, none 10.8%, unspecified 0.7%(2010 est.) 
Government Type: parliamentary republic 
Capital City: Praia 
Economy: Cabo Verde’s economy depends on development aid, foreign investment, remittances, and tourism. The economy is service-oriented with commerce, transport, tourism, and public services accounting for about three-fourths of GDP. 
GDP (Purchase power parity): $3.777 billion (2017 est.) Communications: Fixed line telephone 64,970 (2017 est.) Mobile Cellular 612,259 (2017 est.) Internet users 266,562 (July 2016 est.) Information and map From CIA