The Lord's Move to Africa

Current situation in Benin (15 October 2020)

Since the beginning of the confinement in mid-March, meetings were held in homes and online. However, since June, we have resumed meetings after the lifting of the confinement by the government authorities, while respecting the measures of social distancing, hand washing and the wearing of masks. 

Recent Events: 

  • Following the lifting of the confinement, we had a mini-blending conference in Bohicon which took place from 25 – 26 July, 2020. During this time of fellowship, we went through the messages of the 2020 Memorial Day Conference. The meeting was attended by 84 people from different parts of Benin including some new contacts from Kétou (East Benin) and Djougou (North Benin). It was a wonderful and glorious blending meeting which enabled the Lord to dispense Himself in the saints once again.

  • West Africa Perfecting Training (WAPT) Online By the grace of the Lord, 18 saints from Benin participated in this year's online WAPT. There were 3 new contacts among them. 

  • We also praise the Lord because this year two of our brothers left for the full time training in Addis Ababa. Due to issues regarding visas, they are currently in Accra with other trainees from West Africa undergoing training. 

  • Currently in Benin, we are enjoying the Holy Word for Morning Revival entitled "The Recovery of the Church". 

  • On 7 August we received 1 000 copies of the Recovery Version New Testament Bibles for the Lord’s move in this country.