The Lord's Move to Africa

Campus work in Ethiopia

After the Lord’s speaking concerning propagating the resurrected, ascended, and all-inclusive Christ and its development as the kingdom of God, it seems that the Lord’s hand quickly followed His word in a prevailing way among the students in the universities in Ethiopia. There have been several requests for visitation and ministry books. Recently, a number of brothers traveled to some of these cities and visited some of the seeking students. The Lord surely went before the brothers’ visitation and as a result, many campuses have been opened up for the sewing of the seed of life in the Lord’s open up word. The trainees from the Full-Time Pursuit recently went on gospel trips during their term break and that has also greatly increased the interest among the university students for the open-up truths on a number of other campuses. 
Based on the requests from many of the students from the campuses that were visited, we prepared one-week college training for the new ones and conducted it from March 4-9, 2019. The outcome was beyond our expectation. Close to 200 students attended despite exceedingly evil reports and attacks against the recovery. Some were surely distracted and did not come as a result of the slander even after having registered for the training. Even so, the 200 students that did come appreciated highly the purity of the truth among us. As these dear students returned to the cities from whence they came, they were full of joy and many consecrated themselves to the Lord. 
Due to the political turmoil last year and early this school year, many campuses had a disrupted school calendar. Because of this, many other campuses had their term break beginning in mid March. To take advantage of the availability of the students, we prepared a second round of a one-week training for this new batch. We have just completed this training now for the second cycle. We used material that touched some of the basic truths in the recovery as well as some truth as an anecdote and remedy to the opposers accusations of us concerning heresy.  
About 270 new students attended this second round of training even though over 350 had registered originally. However, due to the opposers’ poisoning of some of the campus contacts in two cities a number of these students were afraid to come. Despite what the enemy tried to do, the Lord is faithful and for the second cycle of this training many of the students that arrived in Addis for the training were very excited and open to participate and receive what the Lord had for them.