The Lord's Move to Africa


The saints and the churches in Ethiopia are doing very well; our spiritual condition is improving in a way we have never seen before. Big gatherings are not allowed all over the country because of the pandemic. Our meetings are held in the homes of the saints and our newly bought property. So far, the meetings are held in 34 homes and more homes are also being opened up for meetings. The number of saints meeting in homes is ranging from 6 to 10 depending on the size of the house and the number of saints in the area and also some spiritual and practical factors. The meetings we have in homes are prayer meetings and the Lord's table meeting. The other group meetings we have are daily in small groups via technology.
By utilizing the technology for our meetings, we fellowship and share from the daily portion of the morning revival material, pray together the daily burden for the global prayer, and pray for the well-being of the saints and our country. In addition, we pray for the coworkers, and also, we pray for any burden that the Lord may give to the group members. All these meetings are helping us look to the Lord and know His will at these end times, opening us more to one another, and causing us to love one another more.

The fulltime training FTTAA is also going very well. Because of COVID-19 we have divided the training into 3 locations to care for the trainees.