The Lord's Move to Africa

Fellowship from the churches in Malawi

Dear saints,

Thank you for remembering us (Malawi) in your prayers. We continue to enjoy Christ Jesus and the fellowship in the Body during the pandemic.

The saints in Malawi started to receive ministry books and materials through visits of saints from other countries in early 2010s. We learned some truth and read about the normal Christian church life. In 2019 a conference was organized in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. During the conference, we saw Christ and the church clearly. There was a call to come out of denominations into the reality of Christ. We can say this conference marked the beginning of the proper church life in Malawi. So we are still very young in the church life, and we need to know and experience the reality of Christ and the church.

We would like to bring the following for prayer:

  1. Core burden – For the practice of leading a proper church life, seeing the unity of the body of Christ practically; for the saints to be vitalized and be part of the overcomers the Lord is looking for.

  2. Training – 1 brother can join the full time training, and the majority of the leading ones have indicated that they can take the 2 weeks training in South Africa in future.

  3. Meeting hall - Lilongwe is a central city and where there are more active saints and closer to the Kamuzu Airport. If the meeting hall can be there it will be more convenient to all saints.

  4. Ministry - To have a main library where we will have the main meeting hall, and to equip each locality with a collection of bible and ministry materials.

  5. Campus - Currently we target the Malawi Polytechnic and the College of Medicine, as we have a brother and a sister in these universities respectively. We trust the Lord that we will be able to expand to other universities.

May the Lord establish His testimony in this country. Please pray and labor together with us until Christ is formed in us and that the Lord add some to us.

The brothers in Malawi Aug 2020