The Lord's Move to Africa

Kenya report September 2022

Number of churches - 7
Number of saints - 232
Those attending the table meeting - 180

Resumption of in-person blending conference (20-21 August 2022)

80​We worship the Lord that after three years of suspension due to the Covid pandemic, saints in East Africa finally gathered together for our annual blending conference which was held in Kenya in the lake city of Kisumu (western side of Kenya) from 20-21 August 2022. Saints from the following countries participated in this blending:

The general subject of this wonderful time was on “The Crucial Revelation of Life in the Scriptures”. The Lord brought us on to see that there is something very crucial in the Bible, which is life. And this life is a person: Jesus Christ. The development of this life in us equals the building up of the Body of Christ-The goal of God’s economy. Growth in life equals building. The saints were greatly encouraged because of the rich release of the word during these two days of blending.

Slightly over 25 percent of those who attended were new ones. This was their first time attending a conference in the Lord’s Recovery. We thank the Lord that most of them were touched by the Lord. After the conference ended, saints in the nearby churches were led by the Lord to make a follow-up visit. As a result, two homes have been opened for weekly home meetings. We give all the glory to the Lord.

Kenya ​annual blending conference at Kisumu

August 20-21, 2022

Publication and distribution

We are all aware how important the ministry books are and how the Lord has used these books to spread the truths and even to raise up churches. We thank the Lord that the Living Stream Ministry in fellowship with Rhema have commenced the work of printing 5,000 books initially, for mass distribution in Kenya. Two days ago some saints visited the printer in Nairobi to see the progress of this great work. The printer has assured us that these books will be ready at the end of this month (September 2022). Our plan is to follow the God-ordained way in contacting people using these riches. May the Lord bless His move in Kenya.

Work Among those contacted/gained overseas

This has become an important area of work in Africa as whole. As a result of this work, one sister has been gained into the church life and another seven are being nourished through the Distance perfecting training (DPT) classes every Tuesday morning. Out of this seven, three are already meeting once a week to read and enjoy the ministry. In addition, two couples from Taiwan are now serving on a full-time basis to help in the work of propagation and perfecting for the Lord’s move in Kenya.

On 28 August 2022 all those contacted oversees throughout Africa had a conference titled “The Central vision in the Bible”. It was a blessing seeing all the new ones from different parts of Africa come together to enjoy the word of God. Our prayer is that the Lord would take them on and eventually gain them as remaining fruits in the church life.

Prayer items

  1. Please pray that all those who attended the conference in Kisumu would be gained for the Lord’s move in East Africa.
  2. For the proper distribution of the 5,000 ministry books once they are delivered to us, that all those who receive a copy would read and be enlightened by the truths therein to see God’s eternal economy.
  3. Those attending the DPT would be gained by the Lord as remaining fruits in the churches in Kenya.
  4. The Lord to bless our propagation. More saints, more churches.