The Lord's Move to Africa


The Lord’s Testimony

Updated April 28, 2023

No.of localities 1
No. of saints in church life: 90
No of saints attending the Table meeting: 30

Country Profile

Location: West Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Cote d'Ivoire and Sierra Leone 
Geographical Size: land: 96,320 sq km, water: 15,049 sq km Climate: tropical; hot, humid; dry winters with hot days and cool to cold nights; wet, cloudy summers with frequent heavy showers Population: 4,809,768 (July 2018 est.) 
Population Growth Rate: 2.59% (2018 est.) 
Languages: English 20% (official), some 20 ethnic group languages few of which can be written or used in correspondence 
Religion: Christian 85.6%, Muslim 12.2%, Traditional 0.6%, other 0.2%, none 1.5% (2008 est.) 
Government Type: presidential republic 
Capital City: Monrovia 
Economy: Liberia is richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests, and a climate favorable to agriculture. Its principal exports are iron ore, rubber, diamonds, and gold. Palm oil and cocoa are emerging as new export products. Civil war and government mismanagement destroyed much of Liberia's economy in 2000’s, 
GDP (Purchase power parity): $6.112 billion (2017 est.) Communications: Fixed line telephone 8,000 (July 2016 est.) Mobile Cellular 3,117,002 (July 2016 est.) Internet users 314,717 (July 2016 est.) 
Information and map From CIA