The Lord's Move to Africa


The church life in Angola, a Portuguese-speaking country in Central Africa, was revitalised in August 2015 when some saints from Brazil came for a visit. Soon after that, some brothers from South Africa came for a conference which was held in a city called Uige about 7 hours by car from Luanda, the capital city. Attendance during the first conference in 2015 was approximately 80 saints. Since that time bi-annual conferences have been held in Uige with some brothers from Brazil and South Africa coming to assist us. The number of attendants has increased steadily despite the many challenges facing those wishing to come and amounted to about 200 during the August 2018 conference.

At present, the total number of saints who meet in various localities in Angola on the ground of oneness amount to about 350. Uige is currently the main hub of the Lords move but saints also meet in Luanda ( which has 3 district meetings), Negage, N’dalatando, Malange, Huambo and Luena. The map below gives an indication of Angola’s geographical layout and size.

The bi-annual conferences are currently held in Uige which entails arduous travelling for many of the saints from other areas as distances are great and transport can be quite unreliable. We have benefitted much from increased contact with the churches in South Africa and each year some saints attend the bi-annual blending conferences for Southern Africa held in Pretoria. As part of these visits 3 brothers were able to link up to the Short Term Training offered as part of the Full Time Training in Pretoria, South Africa. In addition to the blending with South Africa, 4 brohters had the opportunity to participate in the ITERO in Addis Ababa last year. This was a great matte for the blending and view of the Body.

Furthermore, in December 2018 some blending visits were undertaken to cities such as Malange, Ndalatando, Luena and Huambo. In the last mentioned city about 80 saints are now meeting. Six brothers were able to attend the March 2019 blending conference held near Pretoria. The fellowship between churches in Angola and with churches in other countries, specifically South Africa, is of great benefit and encouragement to us.