The Lord's Move to Africa


The church life in Botswana began in 2014 with 5 sisters some of who touched the ministry through Birmingham UK, and Germany. Sovereignly some others came through South Africa and New Zealand. Today there are 14 saints scattered in 5 cities. 6 are solidly meeting on Lord's Day for prophesying, Tuesday for prayer meeting and Thursday for ministry reading of life studies all done via WhatsApp call.

Saints faithfully attend the Southern African blending Conference held near Pretoria, South Africa twice a year. In 2018 we had a first mini conference in Botswana with 67 attendants of which 25 were local people and 42 from neighbouring countries.

In 2018 December a brother from Botswana graduated from the FTTP in Pretoria. Saints have received a lot of shepherding through the blending from Brits(SA), Roodepoort (SA), Johannesburg(SA), Zambia and Zimbabwe. We thank the Lord for the increasing of traffic between the southern African countries.