The Lord's Move to Africa



  • Population in Egypt: 100 million.
  • Christians: 20-25 million.
  • Coptic Orthodox: 15 million.
  • Catholics: 500,000.
  • Protestants: 2 million (including 100,000 Brethren).



  • Rhema brothers visited Cairo in January, during the Arab Spring uprising. The Lord directed them to a young seeking Egyptian brother who began to serve in the Rhema ministry distribution work in Egypt full-time.


  • The Lord arranged several foreign couples to live in Cairo, and He began to gain some native Egyptians.


  • First Egyptian brother attended the Full-time Training in Pretoria (FTTP).
  • First mini-conference for saints and seekers in Cairo was held in January 2015.
  • A group of local seekers visited the churches in Russia and attended a 5-day training in Ramenskaya in June 2015. Another group visited Russia in June 2016.
  • First Egyptian sister attended FTTP in the fall of 2016.
  • First district meeting began.


  • A larger conference near Cairo was held in January. About 20 saints in Cairo met regularly once a week to dive into the ministry. A group of over 10 local saints visited Pretoria, South Africa during the Southern Africa conference in September.


  • January conference attracted over 30 local saints from Egypt and Lebanon. LSM participated in a large book fair in Cairo to present the ministry publications. Four young full-timers (two Egyptian FTTP graduates and two FTTA graduates who speak Arabic) began labor in Cairo. There was unprecedented freedom in Egypt for the believers to labor for the Lord.


Currently there are 25-30 saints in the district meeting. Two local saints have gone through FTTP and a third local saint has just finished her first term in FTTP. There are 4 FTTA/FTTP graduates laboring full-time in Cairo. We also are doing a work among the children, the young people and college students. Work is ongoing to translate the ministry into Arabic. Currently the translators are laboring on the Life Study of Genesis and John.    We will have the first Table meeting and a conference in January 2020. We are hoping to have 100 saints, including saints from overseas. The LSM will again have a booth at the Cairo International Book Fair 2020. The Lord is moving on in Egypt!