The Lord's Move to Africa

Report of what the Lord is doing in Egypt:

-This past January we had our third annual conference in Cairo! There were about 70 saints in total, including about 15 guests from other cities and countries. We all enjoyed the fact that our Lord, as life, satisfies every need of man (John 2-13). Many believers participated in such a conference for the first time. We need to pray for continued fellowship with them. Many of these new ones are in different Christian groups. May the Lord give us the wisdom how to practice the God-ordained way from house to house and in the larger meetings to gain more families for His testimony in Cairo and nearby cities.

-This year we participated for the second time in the Cairo International Book Fair, which is the second-largest international book fair in the world. Last year we had to share a booth with another publisher. However, this year we were able to register our own publisher and therefore had our own booth!  Several hundred books and booklets were sold, and many contact cards were received. We also made many friends during the book fair.

-Recently in Egypt we have started to read the Holy Word for Morning Revival in Arabic. The saints are really starting to enjoy the riches of the ministry. Weekly we have a gathering for the saints to come together and prophesy their enjoyment! Also, we are grateful to have the opportunity of getting into the up-to-date speaking of the Lord!  This is a development from our former way of meeting, which was basically a reading time, to now prophesying out of the riches of Christ we have harvested during the week so that each one can exhibit Christ! Some even come with their portion written down. Praise the Lord!