The Lord's Move to Africa

Ethiopia: Report on Gospel Trip (FTTA trainees, local saints, FTTAA trainees)

Dear saints,

We have been enjoying the gospel preaching with the trainees very much for the past 9 days (28 Jan to 5 Feb). Thank you for your interceding!
The gospel trip was conducted in coordination with visiting FTTA trainees, local saints as well as trainees of FTTAA (Full-time training Addis Ababa).
Most of our trainees were amazed how open the local people were to the Lord and the word.
We had a very strong prayer meeting on 28 January. All the trainees were greatly encouraged and experienced the spirit of supplication that they had never experienced before. We asked the Lord to release 200 salvations among the college students and 10 baptisms.
Trainees spent the first 5 days preaching the gospel in Addis, and we were able to contact about 286 college students with the high gospel. In the evenings, we either visited the homes of the local saints or rested.
The traffic here is terrible, we normally need to spend one hour traveling to the campus and 45 minutes coming back to the training center. The altitude 7,700 feet, plus the air pollution caused the trainees to get tired sooner than they normally do. But, praise Him! Except for some trainees who got mild health issues, the Lord has covered us to be in good health condition.
By His grace, 71 were saved and 22 were able to have second appointments with us. 7 were baptized. What a joy that the Lord gave us this opportunity for us to bear fruit with Him!
On 1 Feb, we travelled 5.5 hours to a city called Hawassa. This is a smaller city with three campuses. The saints are fewer, about 20, yet very helpful to our gospel work. One brother, Andrew, a PHD student led us to try first time in this city to set up a table in the students' cafe for the free books distribution. Those are the old books of the ministry including the used Holy Word of Morning Revival, the ministry magazines.(BTW, don't throw away your old HWMR) To our surprise, the students wanted them very much. We limited one person only for one copy. For identifying the students who want the books being Christians, they should call upon the name of the Lord, and leave their contact information. Within 4 hours, more than 150 students left their information, as they are all Christians, many of them called on the name of our Lord. When I was talking with about 8 students the way of pray-reading to enjoy the word of God, they were all open to try. So, we pray- read John 1:1 and 14:6, and they all enjoyed it right in the students' cafe. Some brothers and sisters went to the downtown of the city speaking the organic salvation, since most of them were saved judicially. It is common that each of the trainees surrounded by 10-20 young people listening to their speaking intently. The situation in Hawassa is much more open than in Addis. All the trainees experienced the filling of the spirit economically. With two days' laboring, we contacted 400 students, leading at least 124 to call or pray, 530 ministry books were given, 23 second appointments, and 7 baptisms (not including Tia Teng who was baptized again).Because there is no bathtub in the saints' home, we baptized 3 in the swinging pool in the hotel, and 4 in the jacuzzi after the pool was closed. Three came to the prayer meeting last Tuesday to meet the saints. One of our trainees indicated the burden to come back to serve in Hawassa in future.
Finally, it is my feeling: the harvest is white, the workers few. May the Lord thrust out His workers quickly! The door of high gospel is wide open and the number of Muslim is increasing too in Ethiopia.

May the seven Spirits move throughout this country without hindrance till He comes!
In Christ,