The Lord's Move to Africa


God-ordained Way Informal Training

From February 26-April 2, thirty-two saints registered for an informal training held in the church in Accra. The burden has been, to strengthen and deepen the practice of the God-ordained way in the church life. The working saints involved are increasingly burdened to live a life that will carry out the way ordained by God to build up the Body. In addition to the Tuesday night training sessions, saints were assigned companions to pray and pursue particular ministry portions with during the week. Additionally, saints had to commit to contact people for a minimum set time per week as well as attend a small group. Finally, the saints were encouraged to function in the prophesying meeting by first writing down the point of truth concerning which they would prophecy and then speaking to release their prophecy every Lord’s Day during the prophesying meeting.

During the sessions on Tuesday nights for the duration of the six weeks, saints were assigned to groups in which they were apportioned definite ministry portions related picking up the spirit of the gospel and contacting people. During the week saints would then exercise to practice what they had read on Tuesday night. Among the saints participating, a number expressed their appreciation of the book Messages given to the Working Saints, portions of which were assigned for some weeks during the training. Many of the saints participating were helped to see that in the midst of their busy work and home lives, it is possible to make time to build up a miraculously normal living by which the Lord can carry out His ordained way for the building up of the Body.

Finally, the exercise of keeping a schedule and being accountable to the training by weekly turning the schedule in for review was also a help to the saints to see that they do indeed have time. There was some realization that to carry out what God is doing we need to identify and set time in our schedule to cooperate with the Lord for His purpose.

May the Lord strengthen the miraculously normal living of all the saints that they may participate in the building up of His Body according to the way He ordained.

College Conference

The just ended National College Conference held in Ejisu, Ghana in March of this year was a fresh, spirit releasing, and enlightening time for students and serving ones alike. Held from March 1-3, the conference began with a sweet exercise as we touched on the topic of, "The Divine Commission According To The Heavenly Vision." The exercise of the students started from Friday evening and carried along through Lord's Day with much singing, speaking and prayer from the students. 

The Lord released 28 students from 8 different universities this time to come and hear His speaking. Seven students participated in the conference for the first time. We also had two young brothers baptized into His Body. Overall, the students’ enjoyment, speaking, and release truly put the enemy to shame and glorified the Lord! The Lord is moving on the campuses here in Ghana drawing and gaining these precious vessels for His purpose and His building. This March National College Conference was a testimony and an encouragement to us and we continue to pray for more of the Lord's speaking and leading within these young ones.