The Lord's Move to Africa

Report on Côte D'ivoire (Ivory Coast) (November 2020)

  1. Since the occurrence of Covid-19, and given the governmental measures on social distancing and limitation of participants in meetings, our meeting in Abidjan has been affected. Thus, at the very beginning, we split the group into two by setting up a meeting in Port Bouet and another in the municipality of Bingerville. We established a third meeting place in Yopougon about two months ago. Since August, after th​e alleviation of containment measures, the saints of Abidjan have been meeting every first Lord's Day of the month in the center of the city (Adjame municipality) for the Lord's Table. 

  2. Since the beginning of the containment in April 2020, several saints in Côte d'Ivoire have attended various online international conferences including those in London, Paris, Addis-Ababa and Accra. Approximately ten saints were able to participate in the West Africa Perfecting Training (WAPT).

  3. Since April 2020, after the launch of the confinement, the church in Abidjan has gone through the messages of the conferences held in London (Prayer and the Lord's Move) and in Paris (A Timely Word Concerning the World Situation and the Recovery of the Lord’s Recovery). At present, the church in Abidjan continues with the study of the book of ROMANS. 

  4. This year we received 1 000 copies of the Recovery Version New Testament Bibles for the Lord’s move in this country.