The Lord's Move to Africa


The church life in Maseru is very young and has its origin in students from Lesotho going to further their studies abroad and eventually contacting saints in other countries. Upon returning to Lesotho these saints desired to continue to practice what they began to touch in the countries where they had their exchange programs. It was in this way that 5 sisters, upon returning began practicing the church life in Maseru. Some contacts have been made and about a another 5 seeking believers join the meetings held on Lord’s Days and Fridays from time to time.

Some brothers from South Africa visit us regularly and this fellowship has been very helpful to us as we are learning to practice a proper personal life and meeting life. In particular, the brothers have very much encouraged us to develop a habit of both personal and corporate prayer.

We are enjoying the church life very much and are learning to move with the Lord in reading the Word, prophesying, fellowshipping with one another, singing hymns, and exercising our spirit. We are very thankful that we truly can experience that we are one in the Body of Christ.

We have been conducting home meetings at different places in Maseru and its surrounding areas. In these home meetings, we invite our neighbours to come and we read and pray together. We also have children’s meetings on Saturdays, at which we share the Bible with these dear children and also sing hymns and children’s songs.

Every Friday we hold vital group meeting. In these meetings we share what we enjoyed during the week, especially our from our morning revival. It is in these meetings that we pray and encourage one another. Our Lord’s Day meeting are conducted in such a way that we circulate and go to different houses for the meeting.

We also had an opportunity to attend the Blending Conference held near Pretoria, South Africa in September 2018. This was our first time to meet with the saints there and we received a lot of help and encouragement during this time from all the other saints present.
Saints’ children from Lesotho also attended a Young People’s Conference in January 2019, held in Pretoria. This was a very significant time for these young people and a few were baptised after this conference.