The Lord's Move to Africa


There are saints in Maputo, the capital city and in Chimoio, which is east of a city called Beira.

In September 2018 two saints from Mozambique attended the blending conference held near Pretoria, South Africa. These saints also took the opportunity to participate in a weeklong short-term training at the Full-Time Training in Pretoria. In March of this year, 4 more saints have been able to attend the blending conference held near Pretoria in March followed thereafter by a weeklong short-term training in Pretoria.

While the church life in Mozambique is in its very early stages, indications are that there are quite a large number of seeking ones and saints spread across the country.

At this point in time the saints in Maputo are meeting in a brother’s home to read the ministry and enjoy the Lord together. The New Testament (Recovery Version) has been made available to some of the saints some saints from South Africa have picked up the burden to help arrange for access to the Holy Word for Morning Revival in the near future. This would be of great help to the saints in their daily life and also a strengthening of their functioning during meetings in homes and as the church.

Some brothers from South Africa and Brazil are hoping to visit Mozambique in May 2019 to support us in strengthening the church life here.