The Lord's Move to Africa



Since 2002, there has been the endeavor to broadcast the Life-Study of the Bible on a local radio station in Lagos. In order to meet listeners for years, there has been the endeavor to hold a monthly radio seminar. These seminars have furnished a wonderful forum for fellowship and blending with the radio respondents. In addition, during the seminars we are able to distribute ministry books to radio respondents. Through the radio broadcast and seminars the Lord has added a good number to the church in Lagos.


Beginning in 2014, the young people from Nigeria and Benin have participated in an annual young people’s training. These annual five days of blending have been full of singing, praising, speaking and joy in the Lord. The fellowship and coordination of the Nigerian saints with some of the saints who labor with the young people in Europe during the Poland camps has also been a highlight of these times. We have enjoyed learning from their experiences and blending together through Skype. Our attendance in 2014 was 70 and in 2018 our attendance inclusive of serving ones was 162. This year we are looking to the Lord to give us 200!

In February of 2018, Living Stream Ministry shipped a forty foot sea freight container of used ministry books to Nigeria for free distribution. After a considerable time of prayer and fellowship, the churches in Nigeria have begun to distribute these books en mass.

In Lagos, the commercial and population center of the country, the church has focused on some strategic distribution points. In addition to a few of the tertiary institutions, the church has also been focusing its distribution efforts on the International Trade Fair complex. This location is a highly trafficked area where thousands of people pass through an international electronics market among other things. During a recent distribution in February, as many of the proprietors witnessed a number of saints distributing free Christian Literature, many had a hard time believing that these riches were being given away. In less than two hours, eleven saints distributed over 2,700 used Holy Word for Morning Revival books. We were so joyful before, during, and after the exercise. Hallelujah we can participate in the opening and distributing of the riches of the storehouse of the ministry.