The Lord's Move to Africa

Report on the Lord's Move to Nigeria (November 2020)

The pandemic has turned out to be a blessing to the saints in Nigeria. At the beginning of the lockdown, only Lagos and Abuja were on total lockdown, and the saints began to meet remotely via Zoom. It was a sweet time of blending for the saints every Lord’s day and on Wednesday (prayer meeting). The young people in Nigeria were able to participate in the European Young People’s Conference. The saints also participated in all the conferences and trainings, all of which was made possible due to the then imposed lockdown.

Due to the restriction placed on gatherings, the saints in Lagos currently meet in 11 locations and once in a while we hold blending remotely. The new way of meeting has been a blessing to the saints in prophesying meeting. It has also added a few new ones to the church.

Fellowship in the Body
Some of the responsible brothers in Nigeria participated in the fellowship among brothers in Africa Serving Ones Meeting, where the current burden concerning the Lord's move in Africa was shared. The brothers obtained the recorded video of the meeting and viewed it with other brothers from different localities across Nigeria. The meeting further strengthened and encouraged the brothers about the current move of the Lord in Africa. A few brothers participated in the International Training for Elders and Responsible Brothers (ITERO) in October 2020. After this training, the brothers in Nigeria used the first three messages from ITERO and held an online training for other local brothers. 

Life-study Broadcast
The Life-study on radio has been broadcasting in Lagos, Nigeria for the past years. The broadcast could only get to about five states within the western Nigeria. The saints have been burdened to get the broadcast to the rest of the states in Nigeria, but the radio station which broadcasts the program had refused to cooperate. But the Lord used the pandemic to open the air space and the radio station started airing via a URL. The method of broadcasting via a URL made it possible for the program to be available beyond the initial five states to other states in Nigeria via the internet. Now, the Life-study on radio can reach all over the country without additional fee.