The Lord's Move to Africa

Current situation in Togo (November 2020)

In Togo, there are 5 localities including 2 that do not hold the Lord's table as yet. 

Since the beginning of the confinement in Togo, the saints have not been able to meet on the Lord's Day because the Togolese state prohibits all forms of meetings, so the saints proceed as follows: they go through the HWMR on the Crystallization-study of Exodus; we meet in every house and enjoy with the saints on the Lord's Day through WhatsApp. During the recent months, the saints participated in Zoom conferences and trainings (such as European Young People’s Conference, West Africa Perfecting Training, Memorial Day Conference) to further their enjoyment of Christ and grow in life. Two new student contacts participated in the WAPT and have now been gained in the church life. 

Togo is currently in the process of de-confinement and the State now allows meetings within the country except in Lomé, the capital city. Meetings have started in localities such as Agbodan, Agoe, Kpélé and Attitogon. However, the saints in Lomé still continue to meet in houses for the ministry of word and prayer. 

During these times the saints have been enjoying the Lord and life is growing in them, and some new believers have also been added to the church. We thank the Lord for His move in Togo.