The Lord's Move to Africa

Report on the video training in ANGOLA July 2020

Key words for this training
Drink from the Lord the source and the fountain of our lives.
Jeremiah (2:13; 17:13)

Video training on the Crystallization-Study of Jeremiah and Lamentations was held from 4-18 July 2020. More than 210 saints attended from different localities, such as: Uige, Huambo, Bie, Cuanza Norte, Luanda and Malanje, as well as the saints from Maputo, Mozambique who joined us from Message 6 onward. We had a very sweet coordination for the training, and the Lord has really blessed us.

Prayer and Coordination
Prior to the video training, the brothers serving in Angola separated some days for prayer and coordination. We prayed that the Lord would remove all hindrances and barriers and the saints would attend in a released way. We made a schedule of the training times. The video training was held online, and after the videos there was a time of overflow in small groups. In each group two brothers were assigned to be responsible for the participation of the attendees and the conduct of the study times.

On Lord's Day after the video training (19 July), we decided to have an extra time of overflow and blending. Some responsible brothers of the different localities coordinated together to share on the burdens of the whole training.

Blessings from the Video Training
Since the Memorial Day Conference up until this video training, we feel that the Lord has been increasing the appreciation of the saints in Angola of this ministry. The growth of the word has brought about an increase in the preaching of the gospel and the number of saints being saved. There is also more specific shepherding of the young people; many of them turn to the Lord and away from their former manner of life.

We thank the Lord for such a revival among the churches. Even some dissenting saints are coming back to the fellowship of the Church in Uige - the saints in this city have been praying for more than 120 days nonstop online. This has certainly caused damage to the kingdom of Satan! And by Lord's mercy the only problems we had during the video training was with the Internet, and with food arrangements in the small groups.

We pray that the saints in Angola will keep drinking of the one unique fountain (Christ), for the building up of His Body. We also pray for the oneness among the saints serving in the coordination in Angola, for all things to be headed up in Christ for His glory.