The Lord's Move to Africa


Harare - report

The Lord worked in a very marvelous way in establishing the church in Harare. There were some brothers visiting Harare regularly in the early 2000’s and some contacts were made but nothing solid had materialized until 2010 when two brothers who had touched the church in London returned to Zimbabwe. These two brothers then met with the brother laboring on Harare and Bible study meetings were started where family members and friends attended. The key events that contributed to those meeting to see something concerning the church were our corporate reading of The Glorious Church, the fellowship with the churches in South Africa by way of visitation, blending conferences, and participation in the Full Time Training in Pretoria on a short-term basis.

In 2016 we had fellowship concerning beginning a Lord’s Table in Harare and the feeling in the Body was positive for us to proceed. On October 16, 2016 the first bread-breaking meeting in Harare was carried out on the last day of the first conference in Harare. At this conference three saints attended for the first time and are still with us pursuing the Lord. Currently we have 14 saints regularly meeting every Lord’s Day and we meet in the saints’ homes. Recently, one brother joined the Full-Time Training in Pretoria, intending to give himself for the entire 2 years. We are grateful to the Lord for this.

We have also been benefactors of the blending in the Body. Some saints from Asia came to visit and blend with us recently. These saints met some Zimbabwean students in Asia and wanted to come and meet the families of the exchange students whom they had been caring for. We enjoyed the fellowship with these dear saints and realize this is a sweet testimony and pattern to us of the care in the Body. This visit was truly a blessing and we are hoping that we could send some saints to blend with the saints who came to visit as well as the Zimbabwean students studying on exchange.

There are two saints meeting with us in the nearest town called Chitungwiza and we feel that is where we need to labour so that another lampstand can be raised there. There is currently fellowship concerning a blending conference in Harare in the month of August which will be an opportunity for saints from the neighbouring countries to attend. Please pray that saints from Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Lesotho and other places would come to this conference.