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Updated October 26, 2021

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Country Profile

Location: East Africa, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, north of Burundi 
Geographical Size: land: 24,668 sq km, water: 1,670 sq km 
Climate: temperate; two rainy seasons (February to April, November to January); mild in mountains with frost and snow possible Population: 12,187,400 (July 2018 est.) 
Population Growth Rate: 2.3% (2018 est.) 
Languages: Kinyarwanda (official, universal Bantu vernacular) 93.2%, French (official) less than 0.1, English (official) less than 0.1, Swahili/Kiswahili (official, used in commercial centers) less than 0.1, more than one language, other 6.3%, unspecified 0.3% (2002 est.) Religion: Protestant 49.5% (includes Adventist 11.8% and other Protestant 37.7%), Roman Catholic 43.7%, Muslim 2%, other 0.9% (includes Jehovah's Witness), none 2.5%, unspecified 1.3% (2012 est.) Government Type: presidential republic 
Capital City: Kigali 
Economy: Tourism, minerals, coffee, and tea are Rwanda's main sources of foreign exchange. 
GDP (Purchase power parity): $24.68 billion (2017 est.) Communications: Fixed line telephone 12,333 (2017 est.) Mobile Cellular 8,819,217 (2017 est.) Internet users 3,724,678 (Dec 2017 est.) 
Information and map From CIA