The Lord's Move to Africa

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

The Lord’s Testimony

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Country Profile

Location: North Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Mauritania and Morocco 
Geographical Size: 266,000 sq km 
Climate: hot, dry desert; rain is rare; cold offshore air currents produce fog and heavy dew 
Population: 619,551 (July 2018 est.) 
Population Growth Rate: 2.64% (2018 est.) 
Languages: Standard Arabic, Hassaniya Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, Berber, Spanish, French 
Religion: Muslim 
Government Type: legal status of territory and issue of sovereignty unresolved 
Capital City: Laayoune 
Economy: Western Sahara has a small market-based economy whose main industries are fishing, phosphate mining, tourism, and pastoral nomadism. 
GDP (Purchase power parity): $906.5 million (2007 est.) Communications: Sparse and limited telephone system. Information and map From CIA