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Country Profile

Location: West Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania 
Geographical Size: land: 192,530 sq km, water: 4,192 sq km Climate: tropical; hot, humid; rainy season (May to November) has strong southeast winds; dry season (December to April) dominated by hot, dry, harmattan wind 
Population: 15,020,945 (July 2018 est.) 
Population Growth Rate: 2.36% (2018 est.) 
Languages: French (official), Wolof, Pular, Jola, Mandinka, Serer, Soninke 
Religion: Muslim 95.9% (most adhere to one of the four main Sufi brotherhoods), Christian 4.1% (mostly Roman Catholic) (2016 est.) Government Type: presidential republic 
Capital City: Dakar 
Economy: Senegal’s economy is driven by mining, construction, tourism, fisheries and agriculture 
GDP (Purchase power parity): $54.8 billion (2017 est.) Communications: Fixed line telephone 290,636 (2017 est.) Mobile Cellular 15,758,366 (2017 est.) Internet users 3,675,209 (July 2016 est.) 
Information and map From CIA