The Lord's Move to Africa

Brief History of the church in Kampala

The church in Kampala was established through the labor of two Full timers who migrated from the USA in September 2003.

They migrated to Uganda through the acquaintance of a local brother and his wife, who was a former graduate student at the University of Cincinnati and met with the church in Cincinnati from December 1994 to July 1996.

The saints that migrated to Uganda in 2003 maintained contact and relatedness with this couple and met with the small group of 12 believers who met in their home. The Lord as light had started shining on this group of believers and was exposing to them who He was not. As they started to see, they hungered for more in the word and began reading the book of Galatians. It was during that time that the migrating saints started taking this group and others who joined them through the book of Galatians in light of God’s economy using the life-study of Galatians.

The group of 12 believers was associated with a local Pentecostal denomination that soon began to notice a difference in their “members” who met together to read the Bible in a “new way.” During this time the saints left the denomination and started to meet on the ground of oneness at a table meeting on Lord’s Day. The saints learned to sing and pray-read the hymns. The saints started meeting from 6:30-7:00 every morning to pray-read through the whole New Testament recovery version. The numbers kept increasing as the brothers went out to minister this wonderful Christ to various Christian groups who had running invitations for them to come and speak.

Despite some early success some turmoil resulted in some saints falling away; nevertheless, the meetings continued in life with saints exercising their spirits, and preaching the gospel. The church has had a radio program running for 7 years, 3 saints attended the full-time training in Anaheim and in London, and about 20 saints have attended some form of training (short-term training, Nazarite trainings in Ethiopia, Ghana and South Africa). We now have an attendance of about 8 in the children’s meetings and about 8 of the saints’ children or siblings (high school age) in boarding schools.

We continue to stand one with the Lord in His move in Uganda and one with Him in His move on the earth. The Lord is faithful to avail us with several blending opportunities including: 2 conferences every year with visiting brothers, a radio seminar every year, blending visits to the saints in Congo every year, Nazarite trainings in Ethiopia every year and saints traveling for work to countries around the world and getting to blend with churches in those countries. We thank the Lord, for the shepherding saints that visit for a month every year and those that make short visits to strengthen the saints.