The Lord's Move to Africa


During this period of self-isolation imposed by the government due to COVID-19, the church in Kampala has gone on in the following way:

• We have been pursuing the Lord in His word through the HWMR on the Crystallization-study of Deuteronomy.

• We have allocated 66 saints into 7 groups. These include regular saints, new saints that have joined us is the last 3 months, the students from the campus and saints that had stopped meeting. 

• We are using the Zoom platform for some of the meetings as well as voice calls to host group meetings. Meetings are taking place daily.

• The Lord has opened a door for the church in Kampala to blend via Zoom with the church in Vancouver. Through this, we have saints from Kampala attending meetings in Vancouver, as well as the saints from Vancouver attending the table and prophesying meetings in Kampala. 

• Every Thursday saints from Kampala attend a perfecting meeting in Vancouver to perfect us in getting into the holy word for morning revival.

• The Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to attend conferences and trainings. About 5 to 8 saints that attended the training in Addis Ababa via zoom. We are looking forward to the upcoming Memorial Day conference.

• We are also considering before the Lord how to go on with the campus work, during the lockdown.